About Us

Mugshot of Lloyd Seeney

When it comes to innovation and design, Plastic Pallets rates themselves one of the best. We specialize in finding the simplest practical solutions for your problems.

Plastic Pallets was formed in the year 2000.

We produce products for the food sector and related industries.

The majority of our machinery have been designed and manufactured in-house to suit our requirements.

Experience gained working on design and installation of new plant in industries such as Dairy Companies and Methanol Plants, means we are able to provide solutions to many engineering problems.

Some of our innovation covers designing and building of proportional mechanical liquid dispensers for water treatment systems for beef and dairy cattle to plant feeding in the hot house industry through to designing specialized pallets for the dairy industry.

Our factory is situated on the outskirts of Hamilton, New Zealand where the tranquil surroundings offer peace and quiet ideal for innovative thinking.

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