Custom Solutions

Imagination is far greater than knowledge - Albert Einstein
The basis of our philosophy to create solutions

Plastic Pallets specializes in designing, prototyping and creating custom solutions. We work with plastics and metals to develop simple practical out comes. Provide the problem with the specifications of use, we'll design and manufacture an innovative practical solution.

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Collapsible display unit

Created for one of NZ's largest retail outlets, this custom designed display unit has a molded plastic body, steel hinges and clips and a plastic collar for easy storage and transporting.

Quarter milkers

Produced for export markets in two sizes: 7 litres and 10 litres.

Robust and hygienic

Ice bricks

Produced for the dairy industry, when a problem arose that needed a practical solution.

Custom designed pallets

Pallets designed to suit existing equipment, to replace wood in food processing areas.